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First in Udaipur

Indian Spice Box at Lal Ghat in Udaipur Rajasthan was started in the year 2000. We are one of the first in India, and first in Udaipur, to provide easy accessible cooking classes for foreign tourists. Even thoug we started to cater to the foreign lust and love for Indian food, our recipes has become so popular even locals want to learn.


We are recognized by several guide books as a must do while in Udaipur and several news papers around the world have written about our classes.

Spice Shop

Beside cooking classes we also run a small but well stocked spice shop in the heart of the Old City of Udaipur. But what is knowledge, love for Indian food and spices without the proper tools, spiceboxes and serving bowles? In our stock we keep everything you need for a full Indian feast!